1. Weekend Premarital Workshop (half day)

It is a bad sign for a good marriage if either you or your potential spouse does not have a basic understanding of what it means to love, be married and have a family.

  • Why do you want to get married?
  • Do you have a realistic understanding and appreciation of marriage and family life?
  • How much will you sacrifice to make the marriage and family successful?
  • What are your goals for marriage and family life?

Having specific, immediate and challenging goals for marriage and family will increase the likelihood of your success. Goals help direct attention, mobilize effort, increase persistence and motivate strategy development.It is tremendously important that we are aware of as many of our areas of compatibility and incompatibility before marriage.

2. Weekend Marriage Preparation Workshop for Engaged Couples (Full Day)

 If you have to visit an unknown place, you would plan out every detail and prepare yourself in all respects including any eventualities. This preparation in advance would assist you in making your journey smooth and enjoyable as well as enable you to deal with any eventualities.

Married life is a lifelong journey in which every phase needs adequate preparation and we help you to prepare yourself for this journey.

3. Weekend Marriage Enrichment Workshop for Married Couples (Full Day)

This program will touch on all aspects of marriage.  Self-help is one of the first places many couples turn to for enriching their marriages.  However, a highly structured program teaches them specific skills including problem solving, communication, conflict resolution.

The goals of marriage enrichment are to help couples become aware of themselves and their partners, explore their partners’ feelings and thoughts, encourage empathy and intimacy.

The program helps in strengthening relationships, build interpersonal skills, and prevent marital distress.