Why Do You Want To Get Married

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Man is endowed with mind and intelligence or power of reasoning. The greatest gift of the Creator to man is the ability to think which distinguishes him from all animals on earth.

Questions are the most powerful tools we have for making decisions and solving problems, for inventing, changing and improving our lives as well as the lives of others. Questioning is central to learning and growing. An unquestioning mind is one condemned to “feeding” on the ideas and solutions of others. We wrestle squint, frown, dig, probe, sift and sort information. We reach into our questioning toolkit and find the right answers to bring us closer to truth that may serve us well.

We never stop investigating. We are never satisfied that we know enough to get by. Every question we answer leads on to another question. This has become the greatest survival trick of our species.
Desmond Morris

Questions are intended to provoke thought and inspire reflection, but all too often the process is short circuited by the simple answer, the quick truth or the appealing placebo.

In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined.

Thomas Szasz

Sometimes simple questions baffle us and we just don’t know the answers or we take time to answer simple questions. If some of the following questions are asked in an interview for a job, many candidates who are unprepared get baffled and give improper answers for they had not thought about such questions.

1.Why should we hire you?
2.What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?
3.Where do you see yourself in five years?

Similarly, if the following question is asked to those who are aspiring to get married or to the parents who are planning to marry their son/daughter, what would be the answer(s)?

Why do you want to get married? Or why do you want to marry your Son/Daughter?

The general purpose of marriage is to provide love and companionship between a man and a woman, to reproduce and live in peace and tranquility within the commandments of god. However, there are also many other intentions (unsaid) for marrying or getting a son/daughter married:

Intentions create expectations and when those expectations are not met, problems arise and thus we see myriad problems in the Society. Unfortunately, these are some of the (unmentioned) intentions that some parents conceal when deciding to marry their children:

  • •Our son is frivolous and we hope that he will learn his responsibilities once he gets married.
    •The mother is old and sick and we need a woman (Daughter-In-Law) who will look after the household chores.
    •As we have all male members in our house, we need a (Daughter-In-Law) who will take charge of all household responsibilities.
  • •During childhood, it was agreed upon to marry the cousins and so we wish to fulfill that promise.
    •We might get a good business deal or a project if we marry our daughter to x, y, or z.
    •The boy is a “Green Card” holder and our daughter will be very happy with him abroad.
    •We need a male heir in the family.
    •We may get a huge dowry as the girl’s parents are very rich.
    •The boy or girl is a celebrity.
    •We have promised to exchange our daughter by marrying our son with another relative’s daughter.

It is therefore essential to check your intentions when planning to get married or planning to marry your son/daughter.  Masking or hiding your intentions will only result in assumptions and superficial expectations leading to a host of problems in the marital journey.

If you are seeking marriage, here’s the question again:

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