The Matrimonial Bermuda Triangle

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For decades, the Atlantic Ocean’s fabled Bermuda Triangle has captured the human imagination with unexplained disappearances of ships, planes, and people. If you haven’t still heard of Bermuda, you can view it in the following video.

You might now be wondering in what way Bermuda Triangle is related to Matrimony. Well, akin to the mystery of Bermuda Triangle has been the mystery of the Marital Triangle between Parents, In-Laws and Spouse. In the Bermuda Triangle ships, planes and people have disappeared. However in the matrimonial triangle millions have been trapped. What then is the mystery of this triangle?

The mystery of this triangle has baffled the Society to a great extent. Voluminous expectations just like hurricanes and tornadoes converge from three sides in the matrimonial voyage. These dangerous storms of expectations have claimed many a lives and jeopardized many. Lack of dowry usually creates violent storms in the In-Laws’ house and the weather gets rough. Shallow thoughts can be treacherous to the marital voyage. The Charismatic compass of love and understanding disappears soon and the bride usually is at a loss of direction to move ahead in life.

Parents who have spent for the education of their son intend to get back their investment along with interest from the girl’s parents. Hence, they set their sails on the auspicious wedding day. The opinions and suggestions given by relatives, friends and neighbors regarding dowry creates havoc. The boy’s parents feel that they would no longer exist in the Google Map of Society if they do not demand or accept dowry as it is considered like a ticket for the wedding journey. On the second side of the angle their son too has been observing the high tides of dowry and is eagerly waiting for the journey of the Gold Rush. On the third angle is the girl who waits to have a blissful marital journey unaware of the icebergs and storms in her married life.

If the In-laws weren’t satisfied with the bounties and dowry gift hampers, the brides either suffer humiliation every other day or die under mysterious circumstances. Hence, dowry deaths have been on the increase in the Asian Subcontinent. If the bride succeeds to cross the dowry path, the in-laws gather an ocean of expectations to have a grandson. If the woman gives birth to a girl child, she would again sink to the bottom of the sea of hatred and anger. The triangle that she wears on her wedding day is full of mystery just like the Bermuda Triangle. Thus the matrimonial Bermuda Triangle is filled with awe and fascination.

It is therefore important for the bride and her parents to know about the dowry weather conditions and the various expectations from the In-Laws and the future Son-In-Law so that the marital voyage is smooth and enjoyable. A handsome boy with a six figure salary is no guarantee for the epic journey. Even the magnificent Titanic sank with a single iceberg.

If you are about to adorn the triangle, be awake, aware and prepared for the rough seas ahead and say no to dowry.

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