Every night a majority of parents especially in the Asian Subcontinent go to bed with a dream of getting their daughters married.  Unfortunately many such dreams turn into a mirage.

Let me now enlighten you how dreams turn into a mirage

  • As per N.C.R.B. over 24,000 Dowry deaths have been reported in India in just 3 years and 3.48 lakh cases of Abuse by husbands have been recorded.
  • 5 Divorces an hour, 130 a day and over 52,000 divorce cases are pending in family courts in one Indian State alone.
  • According to a global study on Spinsterhood in the Arab World, there are 4 million Spinsters in Saudi Arabia, 8 million in Egypt and 12 million in Morocco.


The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

Albert Einstein

So, what can parents do to make their dreams come true?   I urge every parent to consider three premarital procedures before finalizing a marriage proposal.

BIO-DATA(General)   BIODATA-(Muslims)

Months or even years pass by and most marriage proposals get repeatedly rejected because of insufficient information in the CV.  Girls suffer emotional pain and embarrassment because after each visit by the bridegroom’s family there’s a new reason that the girl has small eyes or a flat nose, or pointed ears or is 1 inch shorter. 

In order to eliminate such hassles and delays I have developed a 19-page bio-data for marriage proposals with over 75 questions.


We make employment contract, construction contract, etc., in order to be aware of our rights and responsibilities and to protect our interests in case of any future disputes.  However, we unconditionally accept the marital relationship and leave the rest to destiny.

A majority of marital disputes are related to In-laws, Income, Intimacy, Employment, Education, Expectations, Health, Habits and Household Responsibilities.  After marriage, most couples feel suddenly trapped due to restrictions and conflicts in some of these areas.  

The couple should therefore sign “A Premarital Contract” that includes certain terms and conditions acceptable to both partners and their families so that any disputes in future can be resolved easily.


If one of the two partners is suffering from any health issues or has any hereditary or a genetic disease, the couple faces mental, psychological and financial stress and perhaps the marriage could also end in a divorce.  

Parents should therefore ensure to have a premarital medical check-up done to protect their children from entering into a miserable marital life.

Parents should not turn their dreams into a mirage by getting fascinated with the level of education, level of income, family status or huge dowry but instead they should ensure to include these three premarital strategies before finalizing a marriage proposal.