Premarital Contract Agreement

Every marriage is different and so are the issues that couples face in their marital life. However, there are a few common problems such as adjustment problems, unjust expectations, cultural differences, irritating habits, overspending, unjust expectations, unequal division of household chores, financial problems, past issues, addictions, infidelity, domestic violence etc.  If these issues are discussed and agreed upon by both spouses and their families, it would ensure more transparency in the relationship and assist in resolving serious conflicts.

A Pre-Marital Contract Agreement ensures safety and security in the marital bond and prevents from any undue advantage being taken by either spouse or in-laws in the event of any marital problems. Currently no precautions or measures are being taken to safeguard the couples’ rights as a spouse while entering into wedlock.

  • As per N.C.R.B. over 24,000 Dowry deaths have been reported in India in just 3 years and 3.48 lakh cases of Abuse by husbands have been recorded.
  • 5 Divorces an hour, 130 a day and over 52,000 divorce cases are pending in family courts in one Indian State alone.

We make life insurance, vehicle insurance, investment insurance, fire insurance, theft insurance, etc., in order to secure our interests in case of any future eventualities.

  • An Employment Contract protects the interests of the employer and the employee.
  • A Construction Contract protects the interests of the Contractor and the Client.
  • A Rental Agreement protects the interests of the house owner and the tenant.
  • A Lease Agreement protects the interests of the Lessor and the Lessee.

The Society is inundated with marital problems and a majority of the victims are women who are left with little or no choice. There are innumerable cases where families are frequenting between the Courts and Police Stations and awaiting to resolve their issues. In marriages where some major factors related to income, health, religion, property, education, employment, spousal expectations etc., are discovered later to be untrue or assumed, marital conflicts deepen and ruin the relationship.

The Marriage Contract should therefore be made by both Spouses specifying certain conditions and emphasizing certain rights and duties of the Spouse and any additional conditions as required.  This will provide more strength to the conditions stipulated and safeguard the rights of the spouse and lead to lesser conflicts thereby contributing harmony in the marital relationship.

As these matters can have lifelong effect upon both spouses and their children, it is important that the stipulations be properly discussed beforehand and that both parties read this document carefully. This document must be in writing and signed by both spouses and be notarized. Any future marital conflict could be resolved by mediation and arbitration on the basis of the Prenuptial Contract Agreement (Premarital Contract).

The Marriage Contract must be completed and signed in duplicate: The first copy should be given to the bride, second copy to the bridegroom.  The Marriage Contract may contain any number of additional details which the couple has agreed upon as pre-requisites to their married life. The spouse-to-be should consult a qualified advocate to draft the Premarital Contract suitable to their requirements.