Dowry System

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I’m a Man, I’m a Man, I’m a Man, I’m a Man,
Wake-up son, stop dreaming, it’s now dawn
I know not why you were saying that while asleep
I do want you to be a man and not live like a sheep
And follow not the footsteps of your dad
Become self-sufficient when you marry my lad
Your dad being rich and educated was sought
By paying a hefty price to him I had bought
Furniture, TV and many utensils alike
My father bought him also a bike
Washing Machine and Fridge too we had to buy
Never thought that he was such a poor guy
For my husband’s family our marriage was a boon
And for my family it was indeed a financial doom
Marriage is a sacred agreement between the two
Barter of money and goods defies the whole issue
Givers and receivers of dowry are partners to the crime
For society to put an end to the dowry system it’s now time.

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Fayaz Pasha is from Bangalore, India. He is an Author, a certified Life Coach, a Certified NLP Practitioner, a blogger and a Toastmaster.

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