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Customers are inherently drawn towards items on sale. Given two products that are practically similar in terms of features, consumers would almost always choose the item that costs less. Some of the reasons for discounts and advertisements include:




Buy 1 and 2nd is 50%

Buy one take one free

Buy two and third is free

Prompt payment discount

Perishable Items discount

Senior citizen discount

Educational discount

Seasonal discount

Disability discount

Online shopping

Military discount

Movie tickets

Credit offers




However, in the Asian Subcontinent discount bonanzas are offered by the Purchaser instead of the Seller. The Purchaser not only offers hard cash based on the market value but also promises to offer some of the following items:









Electronic Items

Washing Machine

Kitchen Appliances


The Society has been dominated by the dowry market wherein a price tag has been fixed for many a Bridegroom based on their qualifications and family status. Hence, the bride and her family who are the Purchasers are forced not only to pay cash but also to provide the aforesaid items (dowry gift package).

Parents have often been advised to refrain from making such mega offers. However, most parents (purchasers) feel proud while giving such offers as it elevates their status in the Society. The so called grand weddings and the elated feeling of giving the highest dowry offers has escalated more misery in the Society.

The Society would get rid of many a social evil if a majority of parents shun the practice of willingly offering such dowry discounts. Some parents think that their daughter would settle down happily if they give lavish dowry gifts but unfortunately this assumption has remained just like a mirage and has resulted in more greed by those who offer themselves in the dowry market.

Shouldn’t parents avoid giving such discount offers?

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