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An interview was conducted with Dr. Greedy, one of the most renowned Heart Specialist in the world.  A copy of the transcript below would be useful to to understand the need and the greed of those who are involved in dowry:

Question: What is the definition of Car-Dio-Lojee for a layman? 
Answer:  Car-Dio-Lojee refers to the Dowry demand (cars) and its impact on the Society.

Question: What role do cars play to keep the heart healthy and happy?
Answer: Earlier Two Wheelers were demanded as dowry but now Cars have elevated the status of the giver and the receiver and hence it’s assumed that the heart is healthy and happy.

Question: What is the best and easiest method to increase wealth in order to keep the heart fit?
Answer: Become Corrupt in all aspects of your life or just Get Married.

Question: Is Corruption hereditary?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What do you suggest to de-stress?
Answer: Being unemployed or over-employed (earning six figure salary) are the two biggest stressors.  A simple method to de-stress is to get married.

Question: How do you think that getting married will de-stress?
Answer: Are you from Mars?  In Asian Countries, getting married means, lots of money, a car, a flat, furniture, jewelry, home appliances, kitchen appliances and of course also a Bumper Gift called “A Bride” who will be the Wife, care-taker, A Dishwasher, A Laundromat, A Cook , A Nanny etc, etc.    Aren’t these enough to de-stress?

Question: How can one confirm if they have anybody has heartache before Marriage?

Answer: By checking if they have LDL OR HDL.

Question: What are LDL and HDL?
Answer:    Likes Dowry a Lot OR Hates Dowry a Lot (rare).

Question: What do you think that the Society has most?
Answer:    At present the Society is suffering from too much “LDL”

Question: Are NRI patients more prone to heartaches?
Answer: Yes, they have a very high percentage of LDL.

Question: How can we eradicate the spread of LDL in the Society?

Answer: No one can eradicate a disease.  However, the Society can control further spreading of this disease by bringing awareness and educating the youngsters as well as the parents.

Question:  My daughter is only 14yrs; at what age should I have to worry about her dowry?
Answer: Dowry worries accumulate from pregnancy (if it’s a girl) onwards and not from teenage.

Question: Can Spirituality help in preventing heart ailments such as this?
Answer:  Unfortunately the Society is more Cultural & Traditional than Spiritual.

Question: Which is the best and worst food for the heart?
Answer: Being Grateful and having an Ego.

Question: What is the main cause of steep increase in heartaches?

Answer: Increased Greed, sedentary lifestyles, junk marriages, and voluntary offers of high dowries based on education and profession.

Question: How would you define a Junk Marriage?
Answer: When too much money is spent for weddings that serve no purpose to the couple as well as adds misery to the Society it can be termed as a Junk Marriage.

Question: Will taking anti-dowry steps cause some other complications (short / long term)?
Answer: Yes, initially the Society will have some side effects since Habits die hard.  However, many young boys and girls are now coming forward to detox the Society’s Evil System.

Question: Will consuming (buying) more jewelry leads to heartaches?
Answer: Yes, Parents go for Loans and fall in huge debts in order to buy jewelry and this ultimately affects their heart.

Question: Can a person help himself from this type of heartache (Because we see a lot of effort from many Organizations and Individuals on this)?
Answer: Yes.  Lay down all customs that do not support the growth of the Society and put up with the defiant people with patience and educate them so that the future generations do not suffer.

Question: Sometimes, due to Family or Society’s pressure couples are forced to follow the traditions. So, what should they do to avoid this situation?

Answer: If the family’s concern is to get dowry, the gentleman should try to persuade them to avoid this sin and also to help the Society in alleviating the problem.

Question: Are people working on night shifts more vulnerable to dowry disease when compared to day shift workers?
Answer: No, in both cases the dowry demanded is the same.

Question: Why are more women responsible for dowry menace than men?
Answer:  Women who have fear of the Society or have more greed, force their husbands or sons to involve in dowry. Hence, women are more responsible to either spread or reverse this disease.

Question: What’s your final advice to the Society?
Answer:  Na Car Dio aur Na Lio Jee.  Say no to dowry in any form.

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