Vision, Mission And Values



The vision of Life Partner Academy is to be recognized as a model institution for marital education for all faiths so that those who undergo marital training will be able to strengthen the social fabric of the society while they establish long lasting relationship.


  • To simplify weddings by eliminating certain obsolete cultural & traditional practices.
  • To rid the society from the evil practice of dowry system.
  • To bring awareness and educate the couple by providing marital education via; weekend premarital workshops, Weekend marital preparation workshop for engaged and recently married couples.
  • To provide guidance and counseling to prospective couples, newlyweds and married couples.
  • To provide legal guidance in framing the Pre-Marital Agreement.
  • To provide guidance for Pre-Marital Medical Checkup.
  • To provide assistance to needy couples.


  • We are committed to providing excellent marital education.
  • We assist couples to realize their full potential and understand all basic aspects related to marriage.
  • We approach all that we do with integrity and with respect for the dignity of each person.