Fayaz Pasha is the Founder, President of LIFE PARTNER ACADEMY.  He also facilitates workshops at the Academy.  He is the author ofA Guide to Spouse Selection” and “Muslim Wedding Flight” available on   

Having been exposed to the various social evils in the Society, especially the Dowry System as practiced in the Asian Subcontinent, LPA was set up to address the issues by providing intensive Marriage Guidance that aims to ensure that young couples and newlyweds prepare themselves for the marital journey and to provide marital enrichment courses to married couples.

He has developed workshops to prepare those seeking a life partner or newlyweds to meet the various challenges of marital journey in order to lead a harmonious marital life.

He specializes in Relationship and Premarital/Marital issues. He works in areas of Soft Skills and Communications Skills; Interpersonal communication; Emotional intelligence; Time Management; Life Skills; Presentation Skills and Public Speaking and Assertiveness Training.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Al-Ameen College, Bangalore University, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management from St. Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Bangalore.  He is also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching from American University of NLP.  

He is a Certified Toastmaster and was awarded Toastmaster of the year 2016.   

He is adept at utilizing his expertise in human relationships for designing premarital workshops and training programs with an emphasis on life skills development. As a trainer and facilitator, he inspires professionals to capitalize on change and grow beyond their perceived potential by adopting new skills, behaviors, and mindsets.

Fayaz Pasha is an avid reader, a writer, social activist and loves poetry.   He actively supports capacity building and awareness on premarital education.